Platinum Tanks is a rotational moulding company based in southern Ireland. We have been creating sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly solutions for domestic oil and water storage since 2006. Platinum Tanks now employ over 30 staff members and supply north and south Ireland as well as the UK with an ever expanding range of domestic oil storage tanks, domestic attic tanks, rain water harvesting tanks, oil interceptors, coal bunkers and agricultural products.

The energy sector is the core of the business with emphasis on producing state of the art single and bunded oil storage tanks in compliance with EU standard EN13341. Our range of environmentally friendly bunded oil tanks enables safe storage of oils and other harmful liquids. Any spills from the inner tank would be contained in the outer bund thus preventing the unintentional release of harmful liquids into the environment around the tank. This enables storage of oils in areas conventionally deemed unsuitable e.g. close to a waterway or a well.

Utilisation of renewable and sustainable resources is another important market for Platinum Tanks. We produce a range cost effective rain water storage solutions to suit both the domestic and agricultural markets.

Platinum Tanks are continually seeking to improve on existing products and develop new environmentally friendly products for the oil industry, domestic market and agricultural sector. We are eager to develop more advanced Research and Innovation capacity within the company and collaborate with the Polymer Processing Research Centre at Queen’s University to access more advanced higher level research capacity.